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Stress Management Solutions, Charlotte NCUnmanaged stress is linked with many serious health problems. In today’s world of complex challenges, our bodies are apt to stay in a state of high alert. A once natural response to danger, our brain’s response has become counterproductive. 

Unmanaged stress can result in a number physical symptoms, such as headaches, muscle pain and tension, fatigue, stomach upset, poor sleep, decreased immunity and craving for sweets or carbohydrates. 

Cognitive symptoms may include difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, burnout, and loss of creativity.  Emotional symptoms may include irritability, loss of motivation, feeling overwhelmed. 

Health habits can change and chronic stress can cause some people to overeat, not eat, increase smoking, drinking and drug use. 

You can learn to manage stress in health ways, physically emotionally and spiritually, so your body can recover from the harmful effects of stress. 

Learning to be calm and manage stress takes learning, practice, vigilance. With the help of your Wellness Coach you can implement new ways to manage stress in healthy, productive ways that provide fulfillment. 

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