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Wellness: A state of being healthy in mind, body & spirit especially a result of deliberate effort. Prevention of chronic disease.

Our Mission

  • To recognize our clients as the experts on directing their lives, health and wellness, To accept where they are and
  • To affirm their desire to take whatever steps, big and small, that they personally choose toward achieving wellness.
Certified Wellness Coaching, Charlotte NC
Certified Wellness Coaching, Charlotte NC

What Is A Certified Wellness Coach?

An individual who has gone through training and met requirements of a credible, recognized institution and who is knowledgeable about wellness. He or she is trained in effective approaches to coaching in areas of wellness such as life balance, stress management, time management, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and weight management, and more.

We coach you by helping you focus, plan, prioritize, simplify and strategize a plan of action that works to effectively achieve your individual goals.

The role of the coach is to guide, support and facilitate the process of discovering their client’s individual path to wellness. Our approach to wellness coaching is to affirm that the client is the expert about their own lives, goals and values.

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